Apollon at Theater Augusta Raurica

Colyn (Afterlife)
Woo York Live (Afterlife)
Olympe (Afterlife)
Yare (Nordstern)

Visuals by Anka

Culture in the change of times: Even the Roman emperors knew that humans need two things for happiness: panem et ludos (bread and games). For the latter, they built theaters like the one in Augusta Raurica, notably the best-preserved of its kind north of the Alps. Clubs, on the other hand, are modern theaters, places of culture, but also of revelry - places of games, that is. Thus, what belongs together comes together: Augusta Raurica and Nordstern unite for a summer night, in which a unique blend of electronic music and contemporary art is celebrated in an impressive ancient Roman building, a night that spans a viaduct between ancient high culture and modernity.

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