NORDAIR w/ Apache, Reznik, Roman Kyn & Stereoclip

Dangel Twins

Roman Kyn

In collaboration with FLUCHT

NORDAIR, the Nordstern brand for events with plenty of fresh air and sunshine on the beautiful river Rhine!

Apache's music represents the sounds of the cradle of life, a fusion of African and Ancient Civilizations weaned together with ethnic deep house / african house and a tropical touch.

It was pretty much at the end of the last century when Reznik dragged his record boxes into a night club for the first time. It was in 2009, a couple years after relocating to Berlin, when he teamed up with Adam Port, &ME, Rampa, Monja Gentschow and former member David Mayer and the whole Keinemusik story unfolded. At some point, he took care of the KM labelmanagement for a couple of years.

Stereoclip began in Brussels in 2010 when young Belgian producer Maxime Merkpoel, passionate about creation and fresh from his audio-visual studies, was inspired by a transformative trip to Berlin to start composing electronic music. His hit "Easy Field" gained widespread acclaim, attracting the attention of the Delicieuse Musique team. Roman Kyn's music, known for its steady rhythmic ritual and rich melodic journey, features a distinctive aesthetic in live performances, combining instrumental improvisation with the use of modern technology.

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