Trym (Extended Set)

Intro by Fatal

Visuals: Shirin
Video: Tien

Hard sound can indeed be varied and multifaceted. French Color founder Trym proves this time and again, whether through his sets or his output. This is partly because he doesn't reduce his art to beats and bass but always aims to infuse it with a maximum of emotions. Excursions into acid, cover versions of 80's pop classics, and futuristic raw techno go hand in hand for him. Tonight, the Frenchman will stand alone in the Nordstern booth, unleashing his full potential.

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2nd Release
Trym (Extended Set), 08.03.2024, 23:00
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Trym (Extended Set), 08.03.2024, 23:00
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Trym (Extended Set), 08.03.2024, 23:00
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